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Smoke Alarms

We have partnered up with a local smoke alarm supplier whose alarm systems are 100% Australian made and come with a full 10-year replacement warranty which covers the full-service life.
Red smoke alarms are photoelectric, of the highest quality and certified to Australian Standard AS3786:2014. The Red smoke alarm performs as well as it’s competitors’ brands with the added feature of a wall mounted, wireless control panel that allows you to silence all the alarms instantly for 10 mins with one push of the button. This panel also allows you to locate which alarm triggered so you can quickly establish where the problem is.

Smoke Alarm Controllers

There is now a way to turn those annoying beeps of a night time because your smoke alarm battery is running flat! Our Smoke Alarm Controllers only work with Red smoke alarms. The controller acts as a central point where all of your household Smoke Alarms will respond to. They come with the following features:

  • Instantly silence alarms that are going off.
  • Instantly locate which alarm is false alarming.
  • Deal with false alarms – instantly and easily.
  • Silence alarms by simply pressing one button on the wall.

240v Smoke Alarm with Rechargeable Battery

The Red Smoke Alarm is a photoelectic, hardwired smoke alarm that comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery pack as a backup. This smoke alarm is interconnectable with up to 40 Red Smoke Alarms. They include a test/hush button and visual indicators.

The Red Smoke Alarm can be wirelessly interconnected with the addition of the Red RF wireless base. Most importantly they are approved and certified to AS3786:2014 standards. They also are fully compliant with the Queensland 2022 smoke alarm legislation.

Our Smoke Alarm Controllers are a Property Manager and Landlords dream come true

With the current Queensland Legislation, most properties will be required to have between 4-6 interconnected smoke alarms. This means if one goes off, they all do. They are incredibly loud and annoying.

When a smoke alarm goes off a tenant has to put up with the loud noise, look for the smoke alarm causing the problem and then work out how they are going to stop it from going off. With a Smoke Alarm Controller they can do this all from one wall mounted switch.

This means less maintenance calls to you in the middle of the night, less stress for your tenants and owners. It will even stop tenants from breaking them when they try to stop them from beeping saving on replacement costs.

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